Technological advances have increased the demand for specialty metals, ceramics, polymers, and composite materials to meet stringent specifications for composition, purity, structure, and other properties.

In some cases, established thermal processing techniques can alter or refine materials to enhance their suitability for specialized applications. However, where existing technology falls short, new extraction, refining, synthesis, or treatment techniques must be developed to produce materials with the requisite physical characteristics.

Hazen's proficiency at serving the materials processing sector extends from preliminary feasibility analyses and laboratory-scale investigations to detailed process development programs. For example, we are accomplished in a variety of diffusion-oriented processes such as vapor deposition and other surface modification techniques. We can use these methods to enhance (or diminish) corrosion resistance, hardness, thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity, and other properties. With respect to materials synthesis, our experience and facilities enable us to advance a process concept from a laboratory curiosity to a demonstration-scale reality.

A related consideration is the behavior of materials in harsh operating environments such as furnaces, heat exchangers, reactors, pressure vessels, etc. Our engineers have extensive experience in the design, construction, and operation of thermal processing systems. The knowledge gained through years of experience in fabricating pilot systems to operate under highly aggressive conditions uniquely qualifies us to evaluate the applicability of engineering materials for service in high-temperature, oxidizing, or corrosive environments.

Recent projects have focused on:

  • Iron carbide process development
  • Metal carbide synthesis
  • Electric arc furnace refractory erosion
  • Nickel-based alloy high-temperature oxidation 
  • High-temperature agglomeration
  • Fluidized-bed chemical vapor deposition

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