Hazen maintains the finest staff in all job categories. This distinction is accomplished by a combination of recruiting and training, as well as implementing employee development programs to help each member of the Hazen team gain professional knowledge and ability. We offer competitive incomes and benefits, and management encourages employees to participate in decision-making while fostering an entrepreneurial spirit and vision.  Hazen is an employee-owned company, so our staff members have a vested interest in the company and work hard to advance its success. 

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Temp and Contract-to-Hire:

Contract and Contract-to-Hire Listings


Fabricator / Millwright / Craftsman

Join the Hazen Research team in our fabrication and repair shop where we design and build custom equipment to meet the needs of our clients.  This is a position that will require expert fabrication, machining, mechanical, and welding skills as you work closely with engineers to design and build process-specific equipment in support of the hundreds of projects that Hazen completes each year.  The ideal candidate will also be able to troubleshoot existing equipment including: gas engines, hydraulics, pneumatics, crushers, and 12 V electrical systems.  Familiarity with general shop equipment is also desirable. Ability to support general maintenance and care of the Hazen facility also is required.

Hazen is an employee-owned company which employs about 110 people. This is a contract-to-hire position.  During an evaluation period of up to 90 days, the candidate will be considered for hire as a full-time employee, which includes a standard benefits package.  Pay is commensurate with experience and skills.

Desired Skills

  • Welding – MIG, TIG, stick welding
    • Proficient in stainless steel alloys, titanium, nickel/cobalt alloys
  • Plasma torch and oxy-acetylene torch experience
  • Comfortable using general shop equipment (band saw, drill press, etc.)
  • Ability to interpret fabrication drawings
  • Experience with mid-size fabrication/machining equipment (mill, lathe)
  • Wood working/carpentry competency
  • Plumbing – copper pipe, black iron, stainless steel
  • PVC & plastic piping/fabrication
  • Ability to operate forklifts, skid steers, tractors, etc.

The complex is located near 44th and Ward Road:

Hazen Research
4601 Indiana Street
Golden, CO 80403

Submit resume via:

  • US Postal Service to address above
  • FAX: 303-278-1528, or
  • Through the company website: Submit Resume

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Custodian/Light Maintenance Position (office/industrial and laboratory complex)

Graveyard Shift (10 p.m. to 7 a.m.) with some flexibility to modify the schedule
$15.00 - $16.00 per hour: commensurate with experience

Hazen Research Inc. is an employee-owned company which employs around 140 people. This position starts as a temporary employee position with the potential to become a permanent employee position, which includes a standard benefits package.

The primary facility includes 17 buildings on about 11 acres of property. Several buildings are two to three stories tall without elevators. The work performed in some of the laboratories and pilot plants includes the use of chemicals and hazardous materials. Strong safety ethics and hazard awareness are required. The company provides a safety training program specific to the work and hazards encountered onsite.

Primary job responsibilities include keeping buildings, offices, and laboratories clean, neat, secure, and safe. Routine tasks include trash pickup, floor care (sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming), and care of windows and doors. Restroom care includes cleaning, restocking supplies, and minor maintenance and repairs. Seasonal duties include assistance with snow removal on walkways around the main office facility. The position reports to the Supervisor of Custodial Services and requires an ability to work independently and take responsibility for assignments.

The complex is located near 44th and Ward Road:
Hazen Research
4601 Indiana Street
Golden, CO 80403

Submit resume via:

  • US Postal Service to address above
  • FAX: 303-278-1528, or
  • Through the company website: Submit Resume

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Analytical Sample Log-In (Contract-to-Hire)

Hazen Research, Inc., an employee-owned company, is seeking to fill an analytical laboratory sample log-in position. Duties include receiving samples from clients; logging samples in to Hazen’s system; filling out paperwork for sample tracking; maintaining contact databases; interacting with clients, vendors, and analytical staff; preparing and preserving samples for analysis; and assisting with minor laboratory analysis and clerical duties. The hours for this position are 8:00–4:30 M–F; the wage depends on experience.

Required Skills: An ideal candidate for this position will have the following qualities:

  • Highly organized
  • Comfortable in a fast-paced environment
  • Good at multitasking
  • Detail oriented
  • Professional and comfortable with talking to walk-in clients
  • Comfortable working around chemicals
  • Reliable and present 40 hours a week
  • Able to lift up to 40 pounds
  • Proficient with computers, especially Excel

Optional Skills: Although this position requires working with chemicals and being in chemical laboratories, the position is primarily administrative. Hazen expects to provide all necessary training for the minor laboratory tasks required. However, previous chemistry experience is a plus.

How to Apply: The Analytical Sample Log-in position is being filled through Aerotek as a contract-to-hire position. To apply, contact Andrew Doyle at (303) 876-6887 or

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Bench Chemist: Analytical Control Laboratory (Contract)

Hazen Research, Inc., an employee-owned company, is seeking a knowledgeable bench chemist. Responsibilities include performing wet chemical and gravimetric analyses, operating and maintaining instrumentation (flame AAS, ICP-OES), and preparing analytical samples. Occasionally, work will involve working 12-hour shifts (either day or night shifts) to support continuously operating internal projects that operate for multiple days. Secondary responsibilities may also involve working closely with engineers performing bench chemistry experiments ranging from acid leaching and solvent extraction to ion exchange and cyanide leaching.

Education: Degree in chemistry or related field, or equivalent experience.

Qualifications: Preference will be given to candidates with working experience in inorganic analytical chemistry laboratories. Experience with AAS, ICP-OES, WDXRF, and sample dissolution methods is a plus. Familiarity with bench chemistry, method development, and instrumentation and method troubleshooting is preferred. Preference will be given to candidates interested in working swing-shift hours, which are approximately 2 p.m.–10:30/11p.m.

Salary depends on experience.

How to Apply: The Bench Chemist position is being filled through Aerotek as a contract-to-hire position. To apply, contact Andrew Doyle at (303) 876-6887 or

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Temporary Positions (Contract)

Hazen periodically hires temporary workers for larger projects. Hazen usually works with Aerotek to fill these positions. To apply for Aerotek's temporary worker pool, please contact Andrew Doyle at (303) 876-6887 or

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