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Hazen Research, Inc. is an employee-owned industrial research and development (R&D) firm located in Golden, Colorado. The company was founded in 1961 by H.L. (Lew) Hazen and Wayne Hazen, with Gus Henrickson, Frank Hass, and Willy Fossey as the original laboratory staff. They were a small group of specialists with strong backgrounds in research and process development for the mining and chemical industries.

Since 1961, Hazen has expanded from a small laboratory to a midsize, independent research company with facilities that include multiple laboratories and pilot plant facilities to support our R&D work across all of the disciplines (Capabilities) in which we specialize.

Hazen specializes in flowsheet and scaleup R&D from scoping experimental test work to demonstration-scale pilot plants. During the experimental process, the scaleup risk inherent in industrial processes is reduced, and potential process problems and bottlenecks can be identified. Hazen’s results-driven culture encourages the innovation and creativity required to solve many process problems encountered during experimentation.

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