We have completed over 12,000 projects for the mining, chemical, industrial, environmental and energy industries.

Hazen's project work includes hydrometallurgical, pyrometallurgical, and mineral beneficiation processes for most commercial metals and industrial minerals, as well as for many inorganic chemicals. In addition to our research and development activity, we provide in-house analytical laboratory services, preliminary engineering, and cost estimation for small scale industrial chemical plants and mineral treatment facilities. Projects range from bench-scale experiments to multimillion-dollar continuous pilot or demonstration plants. Our ability to manufacture and operate small demonstration plants has required a parallel development of sophisticated data acquisition and computer modeling methods.

We also offer an exceptional range of pilot plant and technical support services. Our vast process engineering expertise, analytical laboratory capabilities, and excellent shop facilities enable us to use data from Hazen's laboratories and pilot plants to develop an efficient, profitable commercial-scale operation. This unique experience base allows us to expand our scope to include feasibility studies and engineering and field services. Some recent examples include facilities erected as part of the following projects:

  • Pressure oxidation pretreatment and cyanide leaching of refractory precious metal ores
  • Pressure leaching of base metals 
  • Removal of mercury from chlorine industry waste
  • Functional testing of a commercial catalyst
  • Removal of lead from contaminated soil at a battery-processing site
  • Stabilization of arsenic contained in flue dust
  • Demonstration of commercial-scale fermentation
  • Computer model validation through experimentation
  • Crystallization for process development

Our energy clients have utilized Hazen's expertise to develop processes including coal upgrading, combustion of alternative fuels, and conversion of a wide variety of feedstocks into energy sources. Waste characterization and treatability studies, waste reduction options, and valuable byproduct recovery from waste streams are routinely performed for industrial clients.

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