Hazen can characterize the full range of contaminated solid and/or liquid matrices, including soils, sediments, sludges, dusts and ash, and all manner of aqueous effluents.

Waste characterization studies are routinely executed at Hazen by our Mineralogical and Materials Laboratory and our other Analytical Laboratories. In addition to the gamut of standard elemental analyses and physical characterization tests, we offer the Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure (TCLP), California Assessment Manual (CAM) Waste Extraction, cyanide reactivity, sulfide reactivity, ignitability, corrosivity, and proximate, ultimate, and gross heating value analyses.

Additionally, our Radiochemistry Laboratory is licensed to analyze samples containing naturally occurring low-level radionuclides. We specialize in the analysis of the uranium and thorium decay series. Determining the radioactive contaminant levels in water and soil samples from old uranium mill sites or tailings ponds and from other CERCLA sites is a typical application. These analyses are conducted by alpha and gamma spectroscopy and low-background beta counting. Various radiation-screening techniques, including gross alpha, beta, and gamma radiation screens, are also available.

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