“There is no such thing as 'un-assayable gold by the fire assay method,'" John Marsden, The Chemistry of Gold Extraction.

Hazen offers a full suite of services to those interested in assaying for precious metals and platinum group metals (PGMs). Please Contact us to obtain a quote for fire or gold assay, and to learn more about our PGM services and capabilities.

Hazen's modern fire assay facility permits rapid turnaround time and a high rate of production. Hazen performs fire assay for analytical purposes only and does not offer refining services.

Standard gravimetric finish, atomic absorption (AA), or inductively coupled plasma (ICP) analysis of fire assay doré beads are used as needed.

Platinum, palladium, and rhodium are also analyzed by fire assay using the gold inquart procedure and an ICP-OES finish.

Please note: Hazen certifies that results are representative of only the discrete samples analyzed by the laboratory and that these results may not be representative of anything other than the as-received samples.

Precious Metals Analysis Required Sample Quantity Cost, US$
Sample preparation (slitting and pulverizing) Up to 1 kg 20
Gold by fire assay 90 g 30 (40 with AA finish)
Gold by MIBK extraction and FAAS 100 mL 50
Gold in cyanide liquors by DIBK extraction and FAAS 50 mL 40
Gold bullion analysis by fire assay 3+ g 60
Silver by fire assay 90 g 30
Silver by FAAS 5 g 20
Gold + silver by fire assay 90 g 35 (40 with AA finish) 
Gold + silver in activated carbon samples by fire assay 10 g 45
Platinum, palladium, or rhodium by fire assay and ICP-OES 120 g 1 element: 50
2: 70
3: 90
DIBK = diisobutyl ketone
FAAS = flame atomic absorption spectroscopy
ICP-OES = inductively coupled plasma–optical emission spectroscopy
MIBK = methyl isobutyl ketone

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