Hazen Research, Inc. provides process research and development services to the extractive metallurgy and chemical industries. Hazen facilities include an extensive inventory of laboratory and pilot-plant equipment. We serve clients from all over the world on projects ranging from bench-scale experiments and analyses to multimillion-dollar continuous pilot plants. Our strength is the ability to understand and provide services in the entire spectrum of activity from the starting material—whether an ore, coal, or waste stream—to the finished product.

We have completed over 12,000 projects for industrial clients, and our range of services extends to the environmental and energy industries. In addition to our research and development activity, we can provide the preliminary layout and cost estimation for small-scale industrial chemical plants and mineral-treatment facilities. In support of these activities, Hazen also has sophisticated data acquisition and computer modeling methods.

Hazen has developed hundreds of hydrometallurgical, pyrometallurgical, and mineral beneficiation processes for most commercial metals and industrial minerals, and for many inorganic chemicals. Our energy clients have used Hazen’s expertise to develop processes involving coal upgrading, combustion of alternative fuels, and conversion of a wide variety of feedstocks into energy sources. Waste characterization and treatability studies, waste reduction options, and valuable byproduct recovery from waste streams are routinely performed for industrial clients.

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