As an R&D company that serves the mineral, energy, environmental, and chemical industries, Hazen employs people with multiple skill sets. Our staff includes engineers, chemists, scientists, technicians, machine shop personnel, and office personnel. Their collective experience includes commercial plant operation and laboratory research in addition to the design, construction, and operation of pilot plants.

Hazen’s senior project management staff and engineers are involved in all aspects of project performance from proposal writing and client relations through project execution and report development. They oversee bench work and pilot plant operations and evaluate the data and analytical results. Our executives, managers, and engineers work as a team with our publications department to produce professional reports. They also work with our accounting department to ensure budgets are well managed and invoicing is clear and detailed.

As an employee-owned company, we have a true sense of ownership and pride in all aspects of our work. Our safety culture and training programs ensure a safe and productive workplace for our employees and clients.

Our employees are dedicated to the highest standards of quality, which include not only delivering professional and accurate results, but also emphasizing sound fiscal management, precise data reporting, and exceptional client relations. The highest ethical standards are upheld in service to clients, the community, and each other.

Executive Personnel

Board of Directors

Hazen's executive staff handles the administrative functions of the company and serve as senior project managers, technical advisers, and mentors.
  • Nick Hazen, President
  • Lawrence May, Sr. Vice President
  • Bruce Kuenzi, CFO

Hazen's board of directors consists of experts in the fields of chemistry, engineering, mineralogy, and metallurgy.

  • Nick Hazen
  • Lawrence May
  • Bruce Kuenzi
  • John J. Moore
  • Dr. Phillip Mackey

Executive Qualifications

Board Qualifications

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