The reliability and usefulness of modern characterization techniques are limited more by the validity of sampling methods and sample preparation than by the accuracy of laboratory procedures.

Hazen’s team of qualified professionals have extensive experience in preparing (including grinding, sizing, and pretreatment) and sampling various types of feedstocks and fuels. We have developed unique methods for sampling and characterizing such diverse materials as stockyard animal refuse, municipal solid waste, algae, tar residues, wood byproducts, biomasses, and industrial food waste streams.

Hazen analyzes feedstocks using National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), ASTM, and other standard analytical methods including:

  • Proximate and ultimate thermal analyses
  • Aqueous and organic extractables
  • Lipid characterization
  • Structural carbohydrates
  • Heating value
  • Ash and protein content

We perform the NREL standard biomass analytical procedures, which include a characterization utilizing high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC). We also evaluate materials and processes though the following:


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