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Hazen Research, Inc. is an employee-owned industrial research and development firm located in Golden, Colorado. The company was founded in 1961 by a small group of metallurgists with strong backgrounds in research and process development for the mining and chemical industries.

We continue to assemble an experienced and competent staff supported by the laboratory and pilot plant facilities necessary to apply the most appropriate technology to the industrial, commercial, and environmental problems of our clients. Over the years, Hazen has grown to its present size, employing 120 employees and with 18 buildings that house our specialized and/or custom-made equipment.

Hazen's executive staff handle the administrative functions of the company, but also serve as senior project managers, technical advisors, and mentors. Our project management staff and engineers are involved in all aspects of project performance from proposal writing and client relations through project execution and report writing. They oversee bench work and pilot-plant operations and evaluate data produced and analytical results. Hazen’s managers and engineers work as a team with our publications department to produce professional reports and with our accounting department to ensure budgets are well managed and invoicing is clear and detailed.

Executive Personnel

  • Nick Hazen, President
  • Larry May, Sr. Vice President
  • Dennis Gertenbach, Vice President
  • Marylou Garscin, Secretary-Treasurer

Executive Qualifications

Board of Directors

  • Larry May
  • John J. Moore
  • Charlie Stott
  • Dr. Phillip Mackey

Board Qualifications

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